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Now available:

Detecting Women 3 - the Big Book!
by Willetta Heising

It's here! The perfect gift for the mystery-reader on your gift list...
even if it's yourself!

The third edition of 
Detecting Women, A Reader's Guide and Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Women
by Willetta L. Heising is now available.

To order your copy, please email Patsy - or give her a call (210) 366-2665 or Toll-free (888) 272-5135.

This new edition contains profiles of 690 living women authors and 815 series with close to 4,000 titles in correct series order. There is an index for series characters, settings, awards, mystery types and backgrounds, as well as chronological and alphabetical lists of all titles. 

Need a pocket guide or missed Detecting Men
We can order these for you, too!
Softcover $34.95
Hardcover $44.95


Signed First Editions include:*

Biggie & the Meddlesome Mailman by Nancy Bell (HC first)

Biggie & the Fricaseed Fatman by Nancy Bell (HC first)

Blanche Cleans Up by Barbara Neely (HC first)

Blood & Water by Lori Fairweather (HC first)

Bloody Shame by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera (HC first)

Bloody Waters by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera (HC first)

Bum's Rush by G. M. Ford (HC first)

But I Wouldn't Want to Die There by Nancy Pickard (HC first)

Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit by Carole Nelson Douglas (HC first)

Crescent City Kill by Julie Smith (HC first)

Confession by Nancy Pickard (HC first)

Death in Lover's Lane by Carolyn Hart (HC first)

Death of a Saint Maker by Allana Martin (HC first)

Dia de los Muertos by Kent Harrington (HC first)

A Fool and His Honey by Charlaine Harris (HC)

Hair of the Dog by Laurien Berenson (HC first)

The Hunter and the Hunted by Tom Donald (HC first)

In Big Trouble by Laura Lippman (paperback original)

Judas Child by Carol O'Connell (HC first)

Last Client of Luis Montez (HC first)

Lavender Lies by Susan Wittig Albert (HC first)

Let's Get Criminal by Lev Raphael (HC first)

Liar by Jan Burke (HC first)

Lies That Bind by Judith Van Gieson (HC first)

Maggody Militia by Joan Hess (HC first)

Masquerade by Walter Satterthwaite (HC first)

Mean Streak by Carolyn Wheat (HC first)

A Miracle in Paradise by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera (HC first)

Misery Loves Maggody by Joan Hess (HC first)

Murder Off the Record by Marnie Schulenberg (HC first)

Murder with Peacocks by Donna Andrews (HC first)

Not In My Backyard by Susan Rogers Cooper (paperback original)

Once Too Often by Dorothy Simpson (HC first)

Otherwise Known as Murder by Neil McGaughey (HC first)

Partnerships Can Kill by Connie Shelton (HC first)

Poison Tree by F. M. O'Rourke (HC first)

Power in the Blood by Michael Lister (HC first)

The Rosewood Casket by Sharyn McCrumb (HC first)

Scandal in Fair Haven by Carolyn Hart (HC first)

Small Towns Can Be Murder by Connie Shelton (HC first)

Spanking Watson by Kinky Friedman (HC first)

Spring Cleaning Murders by Dorothy Cannell (HC first)

Triple Play by Elizabeth Gunn (HC first) 

Until Death by Polly Whitney (HC first)

Until It Hurts by Polly Whitney (HC first)

Until the End of Time by Polly Whitney (HC first)

Vanishing Smile by Earl Emerson (HC first)

Witchy Woman by Steve Brewer (HC first)


*Most signed firsts are in limited quantities, please check with us for the latest update!

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